Cyberpunk 2077 Game Review

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Video game induced sleep deprivation is something I have not experienced in many years. Yes, I spent the last week and a half playing CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. I logged 60 hours on my PC during that period. I have been a fan of CD Projekt Red since I played the Witcher II back in 2012. The gritty worlds they create are an immersive pleasure to explore and participate in. The team has a knack for capturing the full spectrum of human activity. This is a mature game for sure.

First Impression:

Much to my pleasant surprise, I was able to log 5 hours on launch day. I began my adventure as a Nomad. I was quickly out in the world and on top of a radio tower looking at a Northern California desert 57 years into our future (should I be long Water right now?). Night City shined bright in the background, a spectacle to behold. Before I knew it, I was driving into the city, taking in the beautiful landscape with my new friend Jackie. 


CD Projekt Red nailed it here. Every aspect of gameplay is fluid and satisfying. Gun play is snappy. Vehicles feel realistic and varied. Traversing environments is simple. The map dots are effective at objective maneuvering. It was a dream to control V with a Microsoft Elite Controller (Gen 1) + Upgraded Scuff Paddles. I wish there were more rumble evident with the controller. I look forward to re-playing on PS5 since they are prioritizing rumble going forward.

Musical Score:

The music here is fantastic. I found myself skipping fast travel and driving instead. I never had trouble finding music appealing to my ears. Transitions while traversing the varies environments felt fluid and appropriate. I would even use the radio to provide background noise. When needing to do a quick task, I would continue experiencing the ambience and have no trouble jumping back in where I left off. I had no issue finding music that facilitated laptop work. Dolby’s Headphone and Atmos Surround Sound performed well on my Windows 10 PC System.


Visuals are stunning. This feels like a real living, breathing city. I would regularly take breaks to take in the scenery. My 2080ti dutifully did its job. I’m not quite sure what ray-tracing and DLSS are but Cyberpunk was playable and beautiful in 4K HDR on my 55’ LG OLED set. If it is made functional in VR, I will buy a headset. My only constructive criticism is the lack of debris present in the Atmosphere. Written material within the game mentions nuclear conflict and severe climate change (Antarctica has been settled at this point). It also mentions the disruptions of these effects on alternative energy solutions solar and wind. Perhaps we will get a Mod or Patch to adjust this at some point?

Modern Philosophy:

The best philosophical ideas from modern humans have been woven into the game. They manifest in shards you can read, conversations between NPC’s in the world, and in your own conversational journey. You can choose to ignore them. You can also choose to stop, take a quick breather, and experience a concept and see how it feels. The game lets you determine the intensity and direction of your journey. If you are not stopping to smell the roses from time to time, I believe you are doing Cyberpunk 2077 an injustice.

Bad Corporations:

Corporations are merely large groups of humans working together towards a shared goal. Individual humans involved are always in flux. The corporate goals, strategies, tactics, etc. can change quickly when the human component changes. Allowing the free flow of information to all of humanity seems like the greatest weapon against a dystopian “corporation-driven” future world. In Cyberpunk 2077, information was forced into tightly controlled networks that were completely separated from the rest of the planet. There is a lesson here and I hope we learn it.


Cyberpunk 2077 feels as if it has perfected the Open-World RPG. Night City is a spectacle I am not likely to forget any time soon. Cyberpunk 2077 builds on and combines nostalgia from the best science fiction available to humans today. Any glitches encountered felt like part of the story. Cyberpunk brings many dangerous human trends into the light of day. When I think about the future, Cyberpunk 2077 is the epitome of what I fear. I hope experiencing it assists the modern human in navigating uncertainty. I will re-buy this game for every platform.

CD Projekt Red, thank you for delivering and exceeding my high expectations with Cyberpunk 2077 🙏.

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